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Custom Ice Hockey
Insurance Program



Step 1:  Review Program.
Step 2:  Complete Form & Receive Quote.
Step 3:  Approve and Make Payment. 

Step 1:  Review

Who Is Covered
This program provides protection for all players, coaches, managers, and volunteers of the Policyholder, against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. Coverage is provided up to $1,000,000 per occurrence with a general aggregate amount of $3,000,000.

Coverage Includes Suits Arising Out Of:

● Injury or death of participants, spectators, volunteers

● Property damage liability

● Host liquor liability (non-profit)

● All activities necessary to conduct of practices and games

● Ownership use or maintenance of fields or practice areas

● General negligence claims, cost of investigation and defense of claims, even if groundless

Inclusions/Program Highlights:

 ADULTS (19+)

$ 3,000,000 General Aggregate

$ 1,000,000 Each Occurrence

$ 1,000,000 Products / Completed Operations

$ 1,000,000 Personal & Advertising Injury

$ 300,000 Damage To Rented Premise

$ 0 Medical Expenses (any one person)

$ 500 Deductible per claim

$1,000,000 CSL Sexual Abuse & Molestation


12 Month Policy Term
Insurer:  HDI Global Specialty SE  -- A.M. Best Rated A (Excellent)
Occurrence-Form Policy

Coverage Included for Claims by Athletic Participants

Waiver & Release System:

The Insured (Team/Club) must maintain a system to regularly secure signed Waiver and Release forms from participants. For minor participants, these waiver/release forms should be signed by a parent or guardian. Unintentional error on your part in securing Waiver and Release forms will not void your coverage in the event of a claim by a participant; however, your failure to maintain an adequate system to regularly secure Waiver and Release forms will void your coverage in the event of a claim.

War, Terrorism, Assault & Battery, Expected or Intended Injury, Asbestos, Nuclear Energy, Total Pollution, Fungi or Bacteria, Aircraft or Watercraft, Total Fireworks/Pyrotechnics, Employment Related Practices, Communicable Disease, Lead Liability, Professional Liability, Use of Trampolines & Springboards, Cheerleading Pyramids (higher than 2 ½ persons), Sale/Manufacture/Distribution of Athletic Equipment, Use of Saunas or Tanning Devices, Polo, Skin & Scuba Diving, Squash, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Whitewater Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Climbing, Rock Climbing/Rock Walls, Ziplining, Motor sports, Rodeo or any Equestrian Related Sports, Waterslides, Ballooning, Parachute Jumping, Luge, Tobogganing, Gymnastics, Training of Law Enforcement , Childcare/Babysitting Services, Skateboarding, Free Running, Parkour, Boxing, Contact Kickboxing, Training of Professional Athletes, Swimming Pool Facilities, Inflatables, Open Water Activities, Overnight Exposure, Subleasing and/or Facility Rentals, Amusement Devices, and Parades Riding on Floats/Motorized Vehicles, unless prior approval has been granted in writing by the Company or Underwriters.

Step 2: Complete below and we’ll get back to you shortly.
To the best of your knowledge: (A) Have there been any losses reported in the last 3 years or; (B) has Insurance been cancelled, or non-renewed in the last 3 years.
I have reviewed the coverages, exclusions and requirements of the program listed above and understand that if I have questions upon recieving the quotation that I will request additional information.

THANK YOU!   We will be back to you shortly!

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